Ionise Interface

Let's take a quick look at the Ionise interface and the features available in each menu of the navigation bar.


It's a one-stop interface that displays all the information needed. At the core of the Dashboard interface, you will encounter the Supply and Borrow markets, along with comprehensive details about your current position.

The Supply market empowers you to lend your cryptocurrency assets and earn interest. You can choose the assets you desire to supply and specify the amount you intend to lend. On the other hand, the Borrow market enables you to borrow cryptocurrency assets by utilizing your supplied assets as collateral. You can select the assets you wish to borrow, indicate the required amount, and sign the allowance.


The Markets provide access to all available assets and essential data. This feature enables you to delve deep into the details of each asset. It enables you to delve deeply into all the available assets.


Within the History interface, you can review your transaction history and track your past engagements on Ionise Protocol.

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