Security & Audits

Ionise Protocol is a fork of Venus, inheriting the robust security and audit standards that Venus has diligently established.

Our commitment to ensuring the utmost security for our users remains unwavering. Throughout the entire Smart Contract development lifecycle, we steadfastly adhere to industry best practices, maintaining the integrity of our platform. To bolster these efforts, we forge partnerships with renowned auditing firms, enabling us to conduct comprehensive security assessments of our protocol, thus providing effective safeguarding for our users' funds.

Security remains at the forefront of Ionise Protocol's priorities. Our development team, in collaboration with third-party auditors and consultants, has dedicated substantial resources to create a protocol that we confidently deem secure and dependable. We emphasize transparency by making all contract code and balances publicly verifiable. Furthermore, we actively promote a bug bounty program, inviting security researchers to report any undiscovered vulnerabilities, fostering continuous improvement and unwavering vigilance.

We firmly believe that the true measure of a smart contract's security lies in its size, visibility, and track record over time. Therefore, we encourage users to exercise caution and independently assess the security and suitability of our protocol, confident in the strong foundation inherited from Venus.

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