Supplying and Borrowing

In this guide, our focus will be on using Ionise Protocol to earn interest and borrow Zilliqa EVM assets. For a more technical comprehension of the underlying mechanisms, you can refer to Ionise Protocol's whitepaper.

Once you have set up your Zilliqa EVM Wallet on MetaMask or any other compatible wallet app, navigate to the Ionise dapp ( The interface will prompt you to link your web3 wallet. By connecting your wallet to Ionise Protocol, you can authorize transactions, view balances, and execute other essential operations on the Zilliqa EVM.

Upon successfully linking your wallet, you will unlock access to all the functionalities of the Ionise Protocol interface. In the Dashboard menu, you will encounter all the markets. Selecting a market will trigger a new modal window, allowing you to interact with the chosen market. Ensure you're under the "Supply" or "Borrow" tab, based on your intended action.

Supply Assets to Earn Interest

  1. Connect your Web3 wallet (eg., Metamask) to the Ionise app ( and switch networks to Zilliqa EVM.

  2. Access the "Dashboard" menu and opt for the "Supply" tab.

  3. Choose the asset you intend to supply. For instance, if you wish to supply ZIL, click on the ZIL market.

  4. Activate the asset by signing an allowance. This will trigger a transaction confirmation in your wallet. Keep in mind that a slight gas fee applies, so ensure that you have some ZIL available in your wallet.

  5. Specify the desired supply amount. The chosen assets are directly transferred from your wallet to Ionise Protocol, immediately initiating interest earnings. The interest will be automatically credited to your Supply Balance.

Manage your Borrowing Limit

Your borrowing limit within Ionise Protocol is influenced by the assets you've supplied. Position above 80% will be forced into liquidation!

Here's a step-by-step guide to managing it:

  1. Navigate to the "Dashboard".

  2. Here, you'll discover your Borrow Limit, expressed as a percentage of the total value of your supplied assets.

  3. To modify this limit, you can either provide more assets or repay a portion of your outstanding loans.

Borrow Assets

After supplying assets, you can borrow other assets within your borrowing limit:

  1. From the "Dashboard" menu, proceed to the "Borrow" tab.

  2. Choose the asset you wish to borrow.

  3. Enter the desired borrowing amount and confirm the transaction.

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